Respect Survey

The students in 4/5 dO have completed a survey on respect over the past few days. They will be posting their results on the link below. This is a great opportunity to discuss with your child some of the classes strengths and areas of improvement. We will be redoing the survey later in the year to see the growth we have made!


Wonder page

Below is a link for my students to use to post their opinion on the book Wonder we are reading during literacy.  Wonder is about a boy named Auggie who has a facial deformity and his experiences in school with others judging him based on how he looks.  The students seem to be enjoying the book and many great discussions have arisen on including everyone regardless of how we look or any limitation we may have.  Today we discussed the concept of “extending a hand” to people we don’t really know,  getting to know them and building community in our class.  Ask your child how they “extended a hand” today!

Wonder quote “When given the choice between being kind or right, choose kind.”

Have a great Thanksgiving, see you all on Tuesday!