Math Problem Solving

Hi, take a look at some of the students working through our math problem of the week.  Click on the link and listen and watch Eric and Isaiah; Riley and David hard at work.

Questions to ask yourself when you watch: Can you understand their thinking, is the strategy they used effective, do they communicate clearly and concisely?  These are all questions I consider when assessing and evaluating a students work.

I want to thank Eric and Isaiah; Riley and David for being our first problem of the week heros!

Stay tuned for more problem of the week videos!

Have a great week!

Mrs. dO


Updated Videos

Here are some videos that have been updated/revised and edited. Enjoy!

Maurene, Vanessa on Friendship

Riley’s Group on Friendship

Honesty by Ibukun, Madison

Responsibility by Jelena, Kyshon, Madi

Acceptance by David, Daeshawn

Loyalty by Kyra, Zena

Acceptance by Iesha

I still have a few groups videos to come so stay tuned! I will post them as soon as I get them.

Have a great week!

Mrs. den Ouden

More Character Counts videos!!


This certainly has been a busy week here in 4/5 as the students have been working hard on their character counts commercials.  The students have been viewing each others work and giving feedback to improve each others videos.  Some of the videos are complete where others are still editing and revising their work. The students were excited to see a few videos on the blog that I am putting all the videos submitted.  Take a look and enjoy, the students have done a fabulous job!  Don’t be a stanger if you have feedback for the students, just use  the post a comment tab at the bottom of this entry and post your feedback. 

Have a great week!

Mrs. dO


Perseverance  by Anthony, Jorrel, Alex


Make a Difference and Generosity by Kyra, Zena


Friendship by  Maurene, Vanessa


Confidence by Ibukun, Madison


Friendship  by Riley, Erik, Dalton, Zach


Acceptance by David, Daeshawn


Friendship by Alex R, Alex T.

Perseverance by Jelena, Madi, Kyshon