Superhero Posters!

Well some of the students’ have started to hand in their superhero poster.  Take a look at some of the hero’s they have created!

I will post more as the student’s complete them over the next few days!


Our First Tech project!

Dear Parent,

We are gearing up to begin our first tech project of the year!  To show our learning from our courage unit, students will be creating a Superhero and a poster using a website called S’mores.  In order to get ready for this I am asking that all students get a gmail account through Google as well as a S’mores account (they will need their gmail account to create a S’ account).  There is no need to purchase the S’more’s account just use the free version!  If you could please assist your child in obtaining these 2 items I would appreciate it!  I am hoping to upload the student’s finished product on the website to showcase their hard work! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project please give me a call at the school!

Thanks for your support,

Mrs. dO