November at a Glance

Well, 2 months are now behind us and the cooler weather is here. Students in 4 dO worked hard last month creating Superhero’s, finishing up their Canada projects, setting up Google accounts and learning the in and outs of logging in and creating and sharing Google Docs. We did a lot of learning last month! November promises to be another busy month! Listed below are the highlights of the month to come.

Literacy- we will begin our media literacy unit with a focus on advertising, how to advertisers try to trick us into buying items, what strategies to they use and how effective are they.

Math- we will be doing unit 5 from Math Makes Sense book on Data Management, looking at collecting data, organizing data and analyzing and interpreting data.

Science, they students were excited to begin our first science unit on Habitats, we went out into our Forest to look at some of the habitats that are in our own school backyard!

Progress Reports will go home on November 17 and parent teacher interviews are on November 20. Remember this is a snapshot of your students first weeks in school, if you wish to discuss your child’s progress so far, please call the school to set up an interview.

Friday November 21 is a PD day!

Have a great month!
Mrs. dO


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