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Here’s a few websites to help with making change and counting money.


February at a Glance


Welcome to February, cold weather and snow!!!  Thank you to all parents who came out to watch the assembly in January the students were super excited and did a marvelous job!  I am proud of the work they did on on developing, organizing and presenting that day.

The students have spent the month of January hard at work learning strategies to multiply and divide, perfecting their character count video and beginning a new health unit on smoking.  Below is the highlights for the month of February!

Literacy- in Reading, we are looking at questions we can ask ourselves before, during and after our reading to make sure we are understanding what we are reading.  When you are reading with your child at home stop periodically to see if they are understanding ask them questions such as: what do you think will happen next, do you know what ____ means- what strategy could you use to find out, is this a just right book… how do you know, what is your purpose for reading this book, what is the author trying to tell you?  These type of questions help to engage your child in their reading and focus on more than can they read the words to can they get the meaning of the words.

With writing we are still focusing on editing and revising  strategies such as using CUPS (capitals, understanding, punctuation and spelling).  We have also been using apps such as or to help us bump up our work.

In Math, we are in full swing with Measurement.  This month students will be telling time to the nearest minute on an analogue clock, counting money, making change and discussing capacity and mass.  Ask your child what can they do in a second, minute, hour etc to build a concept of time.  When travelling to the store/play date etc ask them to estimate and measure the time is takes- how do they know this.  If I give a $20 bill to pay for this how much change should we get back?Have your child pay for items while you are shopping?  Asking real life questions helps your child see the connections between what they are learning at school and the world outside the classroom.

In Science we are wrapping up our pulleys and gears unit with the students presenting their elevators on Feb 11.  We will then begin our light and sound unit.

Health- we are still working on our smoking unit and the health nurse will be coming in to discuss the health effects of smoking later this month.

Feb 13 we will be having a Friendship day.  Students will be given time to share Valentine’s cards, participate in crafts and share treats if you wish to send them.  We have 28 students.  Please do not send anything with nuts as we have a student with a severe allergy.  Thank you.

Have a great February.  Again if at any time you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitiate to contact me at the school.

Mrs. den Ouden