What is a Growth Mindset?

Students over the past week have been learning about a GROWTH MINDSET.  We have discovered that the only way to grow is by making mistakes. None of us are perfect and can’t always be right or have the right answer.  But the most important thing we can do is to try your best, learn from your mistakes, never give up and believe in yourself,  But it is definitely not easy when you make a mistake to get back up and try.

Here’s a list of things we can say to ourselves to help us overcome the challenge of making a mistake:

  1. I can do it!!!
  2. I’ll try my best!!!
  3. I can learn anything I want to!!!
  4. I can’t do it ….. YET!!!
  5. I’m going to keep on trying!!!!
  6. I’m going to try till I get the answer!!!!
  7. I need help? Who can help me fix my mistake!!!!
  8. What question do I need to ask to get help!!!!
  9. I can be successful!!!!
  10. You can’t stop me!!!

Thank you for letting us share our learning with you!!!!


Mrs. den Ouden’s 3/4 class


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