November 2015 At a Glance

Well, 2 months are now behind us and the cooler weather is here. Students in 3/4 dO worked hard last month creating Superhero’s, finishing up their Ontario/Canada projects, and setting up S’mores accounts. We did a lot of learning last month! November promises to be another busy month! Listed below are the highlights of the month to come.

Literacy- we will begin our media literacy unit with a focus on advertising, how to advertisers try to trick us into buying items, what strategies to they use and how effective are they.

Math- we will be finishing Unit 3 from the Math Makes Sense book on Geometry and beginning Unit 5 on Data Management near the end of the month.

Science, the students were excited to begin our first science unit on Structures and Stability for Grade 3 and Pulleys and Gears for grade 4.  Mrs. Johnson came in to help us kick off the unit!

Every Friday is Passion Project Hour, ask your child what we are doing!

Parent teacher interviews are on November 19.  I will contact you personally to set up a meeting on this day if necessary.

Friday November 20 is a PD day!

Have a great month!
Mrs. dO


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